Boatdrive - 1994 mixtape

Techno mixtape from 1994. Thanks to Chris Coleman for finding a copy of this. Shouts to the whole Club Trout posse. My yout'! Side A is played pretty straight, Side B is a bit more frantic.

Side A
Inner city - Inner city theme
Reese & Santonio - Structure (?)
Paper clip people - Paperclip man
Psyche - Crackdown
69 - my machines
Sweet exorcist - Ghettos of the mind
Lil Louis - Blackout
Lil Louis - Wargames
? Dave Angel?
Reese Project - Station of the groove (?)
Robert Armani - Ambulance
Reese & Santonio - How to play our music
Sysex - ?
Reese & Santonio - Grooving without a doubt

Side B
Blade - Forward
Meng syndicate ?
Bass Inc - Kick out the jams
Dave Clarke  - zeno xero
Dave Clarke - Red
Rhythim is rhythim - Salsa Life
Robert Armani - Work that shit
Red Planet - Star dancer
Carl Craig
Bug in the bass bin
Ragga twins - Shine eye gal
Soho - Hot music
Carl Craig -

Download side A
Download side B HERE.