Git yo groove on - Vol 2

Sun! Laughter! Music!
Shoogle your bohookie to the sound of summer 2016. It is actually sunny today here on the South Coast. Get your speakers in the garden. Turn it up!
Sounds from Aroop Ray, Dego & Kaidi, Paul Johnson, S3AMDK and the obligatory disco re-edits.


mdk - into the light
S3A - 4 hours to Stuttgard
International music system - dancing therapy
TTC - A word from Mr Prince
aroop ray - pimp
2000 black - make it hard
paul hardcastle - rainforest
aroop ray - wake up
paul johnson - hear the music
dego - could murder a burger
rachmad project - read between the lines
Ian O'Brien - Monkey jazz
Rahaan - war i declare
eddie kendricks - goin up in smoke

Download HERE.