Hip hop 2018 - Part two

State of the union 2018 - Part Two. This part is less devoted to the beat and more to the lyric. Plenty of introspection and question. Aimed more at the head than the feet. 2 cuts each from Dave, Milo and Homeboy Sandman.

Poet (black bean) - Milo
I cannot fucking wait until Morrissey dies - JPEGMAFIA
Lotta years - Aesop Rock
Cry no more - Phonte
Out of sight - Jonwayne
Clarity - Homeboy Sandman
Real friends - Kanye West
Built by pictures - Oddisee
2 would try - Black Milk
Django Jane - Janelle Monae
Story 2 - Clipping
I just don't - J Live
Landscaping - Milo / Euclid
Walkin - CasIsDead
Hymnal - Open Mike Eagle / Sammus
Lost somebody - A tribe called Quest
Question time - Dave
Speak truth - Homeboy Sandman
Blood sandwich - Aesop Rock
Shine a light - Emanon
Equal rights - The lonely island
How i met my ex - Dave

Download HERE.