Hannibal Cox - The cannibal ox breaks tape

El Producto has been the HGIC (head ginger in charge) on a couple of classic, post golden era hip hop lps (do check company flow's debut and his freshman solo album 'fantastic damage', but to many it was the cannibal ox lp 'the cold vein' which is his most memorable opus. This lil' mix highlights some of the musical sources and is full of the usual beat beat fair ie lashings of philip glass, transformers soundtrack piano paeans, 70's glampoprockers and rubbish rock. Oh yeah, chuck in some solo bass and early electronics and you're away - Hitsville, here he come!

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nektar - astronaut's nightmare
philip glass - montage
seals and croft - sweet green fields
vince dicola - death of optimus prime
sweet - love is like oxygen
philip glass - lady day
bo hanson - attic thoughts (wandering)
gorgio moroder - leopard tree dream
breaver & krause - and there was morning
jaco pastorius - portrait of tracy
philip glass - the unutterable
spooky tooth - old as i was born