Lost Jacksters

Acid house special - I ain't gonna lie, this is heavy on the 303s. There's 87 acid on here, 2013 acid too. Everything in between. I've tried to avoid the classics and the over played. In fact, I'll bet there's more on here you haven't heard than you have. It's time to open the case......


Download HERE.

0 Acid By Jackmaster Hater
1 Eprom contact By HUMANOID
2 DARKSIDE By Armando / gene hunt
3 Sweatbox By 2 Am Fm
4 Slo Mo Acid By Coming Down Band
5 Jack The Box By Terrance woodward
6 Funk me, jack me By Hollywood
7 Delay decay By HUMANOID
8 The Last Magic Maker By John Heckle
9 Acid Bitch By 2 of a kind
10 Acid Rout By Jack Frost
11 Circular Motion By Hieroglyphic Being
12 Love is hapiness By Jacquarius
13 Ahead of time By John Heckle
14 Flashback 86 By The Original Creators
15 Slave Acid Bitch By CANDYMAN
16 Acid manners By Gene Hunt
17 Finger f By MR. FINGERS
18 Mental Problems By Steve Poindexter
19 Work The Box By The Children
20 House express (tyree mix) By Mixmasters
21 Nude foto 88 (acid burns) By Mayday
22 I gotta a big instrumental By Maurice Joshua
23 One on One By Joe R. Lewis
24 Touch The Sky By Alden tyrell w/ mike dunn
25 Trak this By Adrenaline MOD
26 Recall By JTC
27 Lights By D’Marc Cantu
28 Positive Electron By HUMANOID
29 The Fresh Heir By Saturn V
30 Rocking ricki By A Guy Called Gerald
31 I want it By Da Posse
32 Jack The House By Lidell Townsell
33 The Twilight Zone By The Party Boy
34 There's Someone Out There By Marcellus pittman
35 Spastik acid By Plastikman
36 Din sync (speedy j mix) By Gerkin jerks
37 Revenge 303 By Dirty criminals
38 Pump it up (twitch mix) By Mr Lee
39 Im in xtc (twitch mix) By Denise Motto
40 Blackout By Paul Johnson
41 Pump it freaking style By Ari jukka
42 There Comes a Time By A Guy Called Gerald
43 Renaissance By T.O.M.
44 That One By Glenn Underground
45 Acid Over By Tyree
46 The Case of the Lost Jacksters By Erm