Songs for the milkman to whistle volume 3

It's been a long time. i shouldn't have left you. Without a strong mix collection to step to. Think of how many weak mixes you slept thru. Time's up. I'm sorry i kept you. 

The milkman series is a set for checking whilst lounging with your significant other. It's all jolly nice stuff, nowt too noisy or banging. Just beautiful music, you know? 

What's on here? We got latin, dub bangles, righteous disco, dirty reggae, early nineties house, dub nyc sounds........

Download HERE.

  Sweet Green Fields By Seals & Croft
Dub Like An Egyptian By The Bangles
Goin' Up In Smoke By Eddie Kendricks
Proverb Of Proverbs By Wareika Hill Sounds
I Can't Remember This One, Nice Tho By Ermm....Hmmm
Yes He Is By Track N Feel Events
Nite People By Hank Ballard
Wreck A Body By The Soul Sisters
A Little Bit Of Jazz By The Nick Straker Band
Dance Sister (Dub) By Peech Boys
Little Boy Blue By The Phillips Brothers
B-Cause Jump St Man (Marshall Jefferson)
Ping Pong By Espresso (Pal Joey)
Balanca Pema By Jorge Ben