Songs for the milkman to whistle - Vol 7

The spymania songs series hath returnetheth.

Verses, choruses, the occasional bridge. #finenormcore

Terry Callier - Ordinary Joe
Thundercat - Tokyo
Solange - Cranes in the sky
Sonya Spence - Let love flow on
Resa - When will the day come
The crykle - The visit (she was there)
Ron Rinaldi - Mexican summer
Johnny Bristol - Lusty lady
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Aguas de Marco
Prince - 17 days
Joyce Heath - I wouldn't dream of it
Scott Walker - The girls and the dogs
Rachel Sweet - It's so different here
Phyllis Dillon - Don't stay away
Scott Seskind - I remember
Albert King - Cold feet
Lionel Ritchie - All night long

Download HERE.