Songs for the milkman to whistle - Vol 9

Songs. From the heart. The sung word. The truth, the fiction, the sound of us.
If you know the series, you know these are the songs with words i like right now.
Kali Uchis and IDLES. That's really all you need to know. Oh and Ravyn.

Television - IDLES
Sticky - Ravyn Lenae
You're dead to me - Kali Uchis
boys - Lizzo
Gameun deut - Mid air thief
Make Me Believe In You - Patti Jo
Tenderness (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
keep_the_fire_burning - Gwen_mcrae
Over & Over (Kon Find A Friend Remix) - Sylvester
Girlie Girlie - Sophia George
in my dreams - kali uchis
Paris Is Melting - Reckonwrong
Problem Child - Hen Ogledd
Danny Nedelko - IDLES
Making flippy floppy - Talking heads

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