Radio Psych - Volume 1

I got this here radio, but it only has one station. The dials don't seem to do anything. Beautiful, psychedic tinged music pours forth, so the lack of radio 1 has not disturbed me too much.

boof - just on the swings
miles davis - Little church
The invisible girls - Huddesfield wastes
Sun araw & the congos - happy song
the flying lizards - her story
lee perry - black panta
bullion - ralph
jinaro jneli - voice of the kayapo
georgia anne muldrow - kali yuga
madlib - nittyville radio
classic arabian ryhtms - zaar
vhs head - ident
venetian snares - ever apparent all being shoulder
jean michael jarre - souvenir of china
jah division - dub disorder
Ayatollah - Some superfly shit
Bullion - Slight jig in the sky
Sexy Fi - Loro on loro
Gangrene - Take drugs
A guy called Gerald - Time waits for no man
Paul Young edit
Gold Panda / Zero 7 - Everything up
Scott Walker - Jackie
Hoyt Curtain - Battle of the planets main theme
chris barber - petite fleur
Pariah - Detroit falls
RAMP - Daylight

Download HERE.