Yukimi Daifuku 4

Ah, drum machine music. With synths. Delicious. Here is a mix of stuff for the dance. It is what it is. But most modern. Mostly. What do we have? Well, it starts slower than it gets later. Then we are doing one thing, then another. Probably best to let you download and hear for yourself really. Put a stop on the words.

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Tracklist -

Part 1

Intriguing Feathered Creatures Pepe Bradock
When The Morning Comes 3 Chairs
Apt 1b (Mud mix) NY House N Authority
A - Path Of Most Resistance Pepe Bradock
Raw Cuts #6 Motor City Drum Ensemble

Part 2

Lake Shore Drive Theo Parrish
the art of hot Metro area
Love 7 AFX
use me r-tyme
Uli, Mein Ponyhof Rmx Ricardo Villalobos
(b1) maniac steve poindexter
Gigantes Version - Mark Ernestus Tortoise
Mat Oput 1 Ugandan Methods
Remix Autechre vs. Jürgen Paape

Part 3

nacho patrol - a1 - africaspaceprogram - 9TH Nacho Patrol
Raid A La Joya Rebolledo
Licking Skin Marc Houle
House of God 20 Years Dhs Remix DHS
Who Taught You Math. Robert Hood
Not Yet Further Than Peverelist
Digital Fauna Zomby
GlüCkskugel Panoptikum
Fingerprints of the gods Hieroglyphic Bring

Part 4

talking heads allen wright
Music institute track Derrick May
pitaya frenesí rebolledo
the unknown leron carson
Your love Ron Hardy
Jackmd Tok Tok
Inflation Crazy Cousinz
bout ready to jak osborne
a1 female - backlash female
what is house? autechre
Lil Sliva Funky Flex vs Pulse Lil Silva
Me & Guilani LFO remix LFO vs !!!
B2-After the first death Ibrahim Alfa as Alfa Electronic
Self Powered Robert Hood
a1 - 77 hz elektrabel
Trilingual Dance Sexperience Dorian Concept
Gonk Roughage Clark
Goblin Coki
3 Notes Con AFX

Part 5

Fuse Hudson Mohawke
Anaconda Untold
Zariak Joker
Extacy Dj Deeon
Lucifer Coki
Mcr Quarter Autechre
Disco Balls Flying Lotus
Tropical Hands Dorian Concept
a1-ancient methods-the whip Ancient Methods
theres somebody out there m pittman
When The Morning Comes 3 Chairs