Alchemist & frens

In case you get the feeling that I think Madlib is the only one capable of rocking a sampler, a little mix of beats by the Alchemist and a few others. He has good taste in rekkids.

gangrene - freshest rhymes (instr)
gangrene - chain swinging (instr)
ayatollah - hear
gangrene - vodka & ayahuasca (instr)
madlib - hold the organ
ayatollah - it came from his fingertips
madlib - paradies
fly lo - an xbox killed my dog
alchemist - tetrahydrons on mars (instr)
alchemist - perfection
madlib - cornucopia
alchemist - 1010 wins
alchemist - all on me
alchemist - spiral event (instr)
ayatollah - brotherly love
alchemist - the myth
madlib - sturmischer
gangrene - overdose (instr)
madlib - set crac
madlib - death hand
houseshoes - no more mr nice guy
gangrene - dump truck (instr)
alchemist - give em hell

Download HERE.