Dance Mania

A classic Chicago label, with a distinctive sound. A whole lotta raw trax. A whole lack of sophistication. This mix covers my favourites from the label's 25 year run, starting with the disco sampling and lite jacking side and shifting up into the harder stuff at the halfway mark. Whatever, all of it makes me wanna move. DJ Assault on here too, jus cause it fits so well....oh yeah - NSFW.

ring my bell - dj funk
spacstrumrntal - dj deeon
pump that shit - jammin the house gerald
i said i - paul johnson
welcome - gant gerard
arrow - robert armani
acid crash remix - tyree
im so high / pass it around - dj funk
everybody - sneaky tim
dikstramental - dj deeon
x ta c 2 - dj deeon
lite house - dj deeon
work that body - dj funk
freaks in the front - paul johnson
untitled - dj funk
da bomb - dj deeon
blackout - paul johnson
ambulance - robert armani
video clash 1 - dj funk
part 3 - visco space
there's some hoes - kareem smith
its house - paul johnson
run - dj funk
work that body - dj fun
alarms revenge - traxmen & eric martin
plenty cheese - eric martin
future - robert armani
the 604 - dj deeon
club mcm - club mcm
fast n crazy (backwards) - dj funk
house quake - dj deeon
still bangin' - traxmen
get buck - eric martin
video clash II (street) - dj funk
ass n titties - dj assault
the story - dj deeon
skool 3 - steve poindexter & kareem smith
da bomb - djmilton
bang the box - dj deeon
tha finga - dj deeon
mista muthafucka - dj assault

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