Dance Mania

Detroit techno's nasty sister - faster and more foul. But sure is funky. DJ Assault & Aaron Carl are big in this mix. For the floor, fo' sho'.

1.bang ski - dj chip
2.where the rats at? - dj slugo
3.ghetto fabulous - dj deeon
4.every freakin day - dj funk
5.yo relatives - dj assault
6.accelerated funk - dj assault
7.getting high - dj funk
8.p-funk - dj funk
9.superugly - mr de'
10.this is for the money - aaron carl
11.ponytail - dj assault
12.21 positions - aaron carl
13.tear the club up - dj assault
14.check stub - dj assault
15.extacy - dj deeon
16.backslash - aaron carl
17.get on the bus - aaron carl
18.or aaron carl? - aux 88 i-75 - aaron carl
20.some hoes in this house - one of them djs
21.weed in my life - dj topcat
22.akceier8 - dj deeon
23.shake a lil faster - detroit in effect on the beach - dj assault it - detroit in effect

Download HERE.