The Hieroglyphic Being Mix

A mix of works by Jamal Moss aka The Hieroglyphic Being, The Sun God, Africans with Mainframes, iamthatiam etc.

My favorite electronic music man for quite some time. Taken under the wings of adonis and steve poindexter he draws on Ron Hardy / Music Box, industrial, larry heard influences and masters onto a vcr ('you get 7 hours on a tape in long play!').

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and dance - members only historical archives

a tribute to larry heard - the sun god

je suis music - hieroglyphic being

vibrations and harmony 3 - iamthatiam

cosmic dust - hieroglyphic being

the temple of the moon - hieroglyphic being

sun sun sun - members only historical archives

Watusi - africans with mainframes

kilometer zero - hieroglyphic being

d.o.s. - hieroglyphic being

short circuit (africans with mainframes mix)

isosceles - hieroglyphic being

i got enough love for u and me - hieroglyphic being

check out your mind - members only historical archives

blackholes (sun god) - armando / poindexter

pluto - africans with mainframes

dreams de la illusionists - hieroglyphic being

system free (sun god) - allen wright

your love (jamal moss) - jamie principle