Hip hop 2009 Q2

There's still some raised by KRS one that write for us. Ill samples continue to get flipped over crunchy drums. Ladies and gentlemen, it remains an honour to introduce the speakers, wordplay and candor merchants, the young in mind. Teach the children.

Download here - right click and 'save as....'

Big Daddy Kane - Wrath of Kane (live at the Apollo)

Phonte - Last day

Bo Hanson - Attic thoughts

Mos Def - The embassy

Slick Rick - Auditorium

Sadat X - Goin back

Flaming ember - Got to get away

Spinna & Breeze Brewin - Making your way in the world today

Exile - San Pedro cactus

The Meters - Cardova

Jay Z & Premier - Cheat death

Brenton Woods - Trouble

Doom - Gazillionaire

Phonte & Murs - The animal

Nas - The world is yours - instrumental

Spinna & Sadat X -Plan X

Godfather Don - Where's the skills?

Sadat X - Teach the children

SSO - Faded lady