Crazy lextrix

File under 'heavy electricity'
Yeah! Bring the noise! 
Ok, this is for those who appreciate a wider palette of electronic styles. Autechre, Mark Fell, John Heckle and Errorsmith all get a couple of tracks, amongst others. There is noise, generative music, non 4/4 rhythms, the edges of techno and uk bass. Highly recommended!

tac lacora - autechre
ima ikimashoo - chbb
maniac - powell & russell haswell
live at cite de la musique - errorsmith
function - emptyset
multistability 10b - mark fell
ahead of time - john heckle
the body politic - john heckle
how wet is ur box - hieroglyphic being
id 5 - cyclo
mad hatter - dva
menace - logos
in a sweat - errorsmith
kool fm - four tet
syptixed - autechre
sword of gathering clouds of heaven - gatekeeper
so we went electric - powell
a band - powell
materialisation epic razor chor and lately bass with found voice - mark fell
never enough - errorsmith
spl9 - autechre
ciz-glemp 2 - hecker
you discovered the secret and juiced it for all its majesty - venetian snares
tension (heinrich tillack remix) - spawn
sc-fi staircase (afx remix) - tahnaiya russell

Download HERE.