A techno mix 2 - Project enamel

"you're scaring me, but I like it" said a friend. Pretty pokey selection of 2104 harder edged techno sound.

Mbile (Chad) - recorded by Charles Duvelle
call 4 - ugandan methods & prurient
bleeding colours (untold remix) - perc
maniac - dj rush
surge (MMM remix) - pev & asusu
dumpster - perc
oh no new york - powell
a is for acid (perc redux) - matt whitehead
knights and bishops - ancient methods
take your body off (tessela remix) - perc
tension (heinrich tillack remix) - spawn
take your body off - perc
ganzfeld - objekt
dr crunch - kmfh
puppet dance - dj rush
probe - lfo
agnes demise - objekt

Download HERE.