Punk 45

Punk 45 - a series of a few cds of american punk 7s, comiled by the good people at Soul jazz records, arrived this year. A very nice selection too, but i had to chuck my favourites togther on a tape. Do check it out, whatever you usually listen too. It does get pretty strange here. It's class.

Johnny Moped - Incendiary device
Debris - One way spit
The waitresses - The comb
Television personalities - Part time punks
The Bizarros - I Bizarro
Electric eels - Splittery splat
The pagans - Street where nobody lives
The users - Sick of you
The Mekons - 32 weeks
X blank x - You're full of shit
The pagans - Dead end America
Pere Ubu - Final solution
X X -Approaching the minimal with spray guns
The Defnics - 51%
Tuxedomoon - JOeboy the electronic ghost
The human switchboard - No!
Shapes - What's for lunch, mum?
Styrene money - Everything near me
Ralph Carney - Closet bears
Crash course in science - Cakes in the home
Electric eels - Bunnies
Poli styrene jazz band - Drano in your veins
Theoretical girls - US millie
X-X - A
The pagans - I juvenile
The count bishops - I ain't got you
Tin Huey - Puppet wipes

Download HERE.