Ramadanman / Untold / Joe

Yeah. Rhythm. Why Ramadanam? I love the approach to the music. Great sounds, always been a sucker for a sound more than a melody I guess. Not that melodies are missing, but they tend to be second to the sound. Lots of groove, but with the loose limbed UK funky approach rather than the 4 to the floor tyranny. These songs demand more than a 2 minute cut as they develop beautifully. Pearson Sound is another alias.

Why Untold? Anaconda, for one. One of my favorite tunes for a couple of years. Again, the sound is so strong, but with a structure and a lithe feel. Seemed like a good companion to the Ramadanman stuff. Also a couple of Joe cuts here, from Ramadanman's Hessle Audio imprint. Ooh, imprint.....

Download HERE.

Ramadanman - Work them      
Pearson Sound - Blanked      
Pearson Sound - Blue eyes      
Ramadanman - Tempest      
Pearson Sound - Plsn      
Joe - Claptrap      
Untold - No one likes a smart alec      
Joe - Rut      
Howie B vs Casino Royal - Ramadanman remix      
Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold mix)      
Untold - Anaconda (and Tribal Guarachero mix)      
Ramadanman - Tumble      
Untold - Dante      
Untold - Sweat