Dancing as a short cut to happiness - Uptempo 2023

Hoping around house, disco, techno and whatever upbeat I damn well like
Hip Hop 2023 - Mo' lyrical

Lots of Billy Woods, Aesop Rock and Saba, amongst the best of 23's MCs
Sip Hop 2023 - Mo' beats

Lots of Denzel Curry, JPEGGY, Homeboy Sandman and Madlib, amongst the best of 23's MCs
Stefan Ringer

Sexy house music. Definitive groove.
Bar House - volume 4

And in my bar, there is only house music...
Dancing as a shortcut to happiness 2 - Funk

Ken Ishii - Innerelements II

90s techno. Special.
Songs for the milkman to whistle 12

Real songs with words and that
lala Dancing as a shortcut to happiness

Uptempo funk, latin and others for your house party. Heal thyself and move.
lala Homeboy Sandman 2

A rapper so good, he gets two mixes on the spy site. Well worth a try, regardless of if you tend to like hop hop or not.
lala Songs for the milkman to whistle 11

Real songs, with words and tunes you can whistle and everything
lala Radio Psyche 7

Nocturnal emissions
lala Bar House 3

Please dance responsibily
lala Flicker 2

Latenights/ earlymornings
lala Radio psych 6

The radio crackled back on to a signal.
lala Get your feet working 3

An aerial view of footwork from the last couple of years
la Git yo groove on vol 6
la Songs for the milkman to whistle vol TEN
la Project Enamel 3
The heavy techno mix series
LA The late nite groove

House music for playing in the dark
LA Songs for the milkman to whistle vol 9

Songs. With words and everything
LA Boatdrive - 1994 techno mixtape
yar Git yo groove on - Vol 5

Happy summer house vibes to help you through a winter. K15 and Aroop Roy feature big. Smiley and groovy.
Heal thyself and move!
marfox Kuduro Batida 2 - Principe Records

Angola via Portugal
rg Sotofett & Fettburger

2 Nordic brothers creating percussive, psychedelic, grooving oddball house
milch Songs for the milkman to whistle - Vol 8

Songs with words and everything
moo Volume

Techno. Of another kind.

Hip hop 2018 - Part two

State of the nation
flick Flicker - Techno. Of a kind.

Hip hop 2018 - Part one

State of the nation

milk7 Songs for the milkman to whistle - vol 7

Real songs with words and everything
coast Iz and Sjanie's Coast Party

Party pleasing vibes


Digital music



That futuristic business

Get yo groove on vol 3

Dance Dance Danece!
Yowsa yowsa yowsa!


Dub essentials 2

No suprise. Essential dub.

Tin top funk - Vol 2

Just wanna dance

Pepe Bradock has a spider dangling in his head

Oddball house

Dub essentials 1

No suprise. Essential dub.

Radio Psych 4

Schrodinger's radio box

Plane 2

House and techno. Not too demanding.

Project enamel Vol 2

Techno. Of the harder vein.

Git yo groove on Vol 2

Happy summer dance music.

Radio Psyche vol 3

Life in the old box yet.

Radio Psyche vol 2

Suddenly it started up again......

Radio Psyche vol 1

You should should hear the sounds that emerge from this car boot sale bargain......


Nice techno and house. Nice on a plane.

Punk 45

1970s US punk 7 inches - compiled by Soul jazz records, filtered by Hardy

Alchemist & frens

Instrumentals of the highest order from Alchemist and friends

Madlib beats 14

Choice instrumentals from 2014 from the beat konducta

John Heckle

Brilliant contemportary techno

Homeboy Sandman

Very good hip hop, not like much else in the current era.

Ghetto tech

DJ Assault & Aaron Carl all over this fast detroit mix

Dance Mania

Straight up Chicago 90s dance trax

Crazy lextrix vol. 2

File under 'heavy electricity'

A techno mix 2 - Project Enamel

Pretty pokey selection of 2104 harder edged techno sound.

Songs for the milkman to whistle volume 6

You know, real songs, with words

Kuduro batida

Angola vs Lisbon vs fruity loops

Hip hop 2014 Q2

the beautiful use of density and space

Dub styles in dance music

Bar house volume 2

in my bar there is only house music...

Limber UP!

sgot that jiggle

Git yo' feet working - volume 2

Chicago footwork make me happy

Get yo groove on - 4/14

No wall flowers here. We come here to dance.

Dancehall / Ragga mix 6

Nicin' up da dance, one mo' time.

Great records heard through Madlib

Soundtracks, soul, prog and Bollywood niceness

Reggae revive - vol 2

Mo' classical sweet reggae niceness

Yukimi daifuku 7- house not house

Yup, house, not house. Turn the lights off, pump the LEDs up to red and move hips!

We have you surrounded - a techno mix

It's dark and hell is hot.

Hip hop 2012 Q1

Hittin' harder than the ole vodka sandal

House for Geordie

90s house and more for the manx cats

The Lost Jacksters

A-A-A-A-Acid house mix

DJ Rashad, git yo feet workin'

160 bpm. chicago, at it again. This is pretty 'avin it, so only bus' this out if yo' feelin' real serious. File under juke / footwork

The bar house mix

we have a bar. it's full of amazing people like you. the good times roll. the drinks are free. and we listen to this in our bar. File under house

Hip hop - 90s revival session

eh yo! Like the nineties man, word, buying shrink wrapped 12 inches, spending too much money on getting import 12s with one or two tracks on. Loved it. miss them days. 
A mix for all my nineties heads. A suprising amount of LL and DITC on here, but a whole selection of stuff. Golden era. Check it.


Songs for the milkman to whistle Vol 5

Just songs i really like today. Music , lyrics, a variety of styles. Nothing to heavy, stuff you can kick back to with a significant other. 

What Jeff did next - A Mills mix

We all know Jeff's 90s work, sure, and if I hear 'The Bells' again, I'm gonna hurt somebody. 
But what did Jeff do next? I trawled his space fascinated works from the 2000's and came up with this minimix. I like it.

Madlib's medicine show #49

So far ahead of all other hip hop producers, he gets his own set. Do check out.

Songs for the milkman to whistle Vol 4

Lovely songs, chilling out with your significant other, taking it easy. This episode has a cosmic edge, with some nice euro mid tempo groovers too.

Hip hop 2012 Q1


Songs for the milkman to whistle Vol 3

Pleasant music, songs and that. Proper songs, not all that clattering rubbish. You know. Whistlable.

Ramadanman . Untold. Joe.

Beat and rhythm in a modern style and fashion. Loose limbed dance sounds from the UK.

To get you jacking

Eighties house and acid, jacked up to more modern tempo. To get you jacking.


Creme d'acid

Modern backward looking acid house from the artists around the Creme Jak / Creme Organisation axis. Ish.


Tin Top Funk - Vol. 1

Raw, uncut ensemble funk. Lay down the beat and let the groove move you.

file under 'funk tape for wigglin to'


Hannibal Cox - the cannibal ox breaks tape

Not for the floor. Minimalist string works, anime soundtracks, godawful rock. Not your regular beatsmith.

Jus a quick half hour


Yukimi Daifuku 5 - pickled!

For the floor. Sept 2010. Now with added strawberry goodness. 90s tribal, 00s techno, 10s bass, wonky and funky.

90 mins, 2 parts.


Hip Hop 2010 - Quarter 3

What it says on the tin. A healthy dose of 90s cuts on this one. Nas, Rakim, Little Brother, Wu, LOTU, Main source, KRS, MC mello, Beatnuts....


Yukimi Daifuku 4 - Shake it

State of the nation dance music mix Feb 2010. So good to eat. House, Techno, UK funky, whateverstep et al.

2 hours, 5 parts.


Hip Hop 2010 - Q1

New Strong arm steady, Guilty Simpson, Madlib, Oh no, DJ Premier, Fashawn, PUTS, Breeze Brewin, Jay Electronica, blah blah, blah....


Reggae Revive

An hour of the some of the sweetest music ever put to tape. 20th century classic sounds. Timeless tunes from Jamaica.

Yukimi Daifuku 3 - UKG

Upfront upload mix for uprocking. House and UKG, a drop of wonky, bellydance to boot. Pour a large one over ice, stick the habitat flashing lights on, let's have a dance.

Hip hop 2009 - Q2

New Phonte, Sadat X, Breeze Brewin, DJ Spinna, DJ Premier, Madlib, Mos Def, Slick Rick, Exile, DOOM. Classics from Godfather Don and Big Daddy kane. Breaks from the Meteres, SSO, Bo Hanson. You know the drill, get wild!

Hieroglyphic Being - Part 2 - So much noise 2 b mixed

Lots of love for the Jamal Moss tape a few months back. Here's a part 2 - same body, different soul imprint.


Hip Hop - The first third of 2009

I still see her around the way, a little older, but still with some of the charm and intelligence she showed all them years ago......best of 09 isht, track list after the jump.


Dancehall / Ragga mix 5

The latest installment of my favorite series. Despite the decimation of quality caused by autotune (on mr vegas? what?!), if you dig there is still some amazing songs, sentiments and singers. Plenty of revivals too. Includes Jigsy King, Taurus Riley, Cutty Ranks, Busy etc

Bang that bass, Boris!

The inevitable dubstep mix thing. Done for my brother for xmas. I'm no scene lurker, but have picked a few cuts. It's a Rustie, Benga, Caspa, Zomby kinda thing, yeah?

Songs for the milkman to whistle 2

Wanna hear Buju Banton, Donovan, Art of noise and some bloke playing the kora? Like crazy disco edits and Ennio Morricone? Welcome home, my children. It's all good music, regardless of genre. Come on in.......

All music data by Robert Hood

Sorry Robert, I stole your cans straight offer your bald head. Ninja style. Oh, and I stole your music data too. And muddled it all up. Hah! Click pic for track list and dl link.


The Finest - Hip Hop Selection

There's still some life in the old dog yet. The last couple of years have been hard work for hip hop, struggling under the weight of all that stupid bling, fake gangsta-ism and commercial success, but the art is still practised with love by some. Check out the Juggaknots, Sadat X, Doom and some revivals here - click the pic.


A reggae mixtape


Just some classics put together, for your auditory pleasure. One for the occasional reggae fan, just sweet reggae music. Click the pic. No list.

Crazy lectronics

A quick 40 mins of Larry Heard old wonkiness with some hieroglyphic being, musique records, weird stuff for the unstable to jack to. This one even has a tracklist! Click the pic.

The Get Get

Mixed for my mate Geordie and his new car. Cruising at 130bpm, housey techno thing with a few Hardy re-edits thrown in for good measure. Right click the pic to save the link.


Live at Tear The Club UP!

One great gig. Get yourself down to Tear The Club UP! if you get the chance. This mix is strictly for the floor and the TTCU crew like it bangin'.Right click the pic to save the link.



Yukimi daifuku 2

A lil mix to help us to the festivals. Pretty chick friendly too! House music of sorts with diversions into broken beats, old todd terry, a little minimal, erm... Full tracklist on this one - Click on the pic to view and download.



The Chi-Town Tribute mix

Chicago. House music. The birth place.

Without Chicago, the would be no jacking. No acid. No trax. And that just ain't a nice thought. So, in tribute to the early pioneers of the form is a looong house mix highlighting the city and those it influenced. Lots of old house and acid on here, but I have steered clear of the well known and the heavily compiled. Split into 3 unevenly sized parts for you to move your body to. All night long. Let's jack the house. Right click the parts below and save as......

FIXED LINKS!!! Thanks Antony!

PART 1 - 52 mins Starting slow

PART 2 - 83 mins Ramping it up now

PART 3 - 52 mins Getting hectic

Ragga Mix 4

Come to de dance again! Back for the forth time with heaps of new riddims and some serious revives too. All in the quickfire mix style, certainly one for the boombox crew, ravers claver, timeless et al. New cuts fromf Cham, Vegas, Aidonia, Spragga Benz, Mad Cobra, Bugle and so on. Revival selction featuring Shabba, Buju, Tenor Saw....C'm tek for yaself!

Tracklist to follow.

Click pic and 'Save as..'


The Hieroglyphic Being Mix

A mix of works by Jamal Moss aka The Hieroglyphic Being, The Sun God, Africans with Mainframes, iamthatiam etc.

My favorite electronic music man for quite some time. Taken under the wings of adonis and steve poindexter he draws on Ron Hardy / Music Box, industrial, larry heard influences and masters onto a vcr ('you get 7 hours on a tape in long play!').

The Beat Konducta in India Mixtape

A mix of Madlib's latest beat tape series. A whole heap of Indian soundtracks buffed up and sliced together

Techno and dubstep roughie

What do you get if you mix 3 parts nineties hard techno, 1 part dubstep, 1 part booty house and a dash of basic channel? Well, obviously you get this. Not for the faint hearted.

Oh No - Dr No's Oxperiment Mixtape

Oh No's Lebanese / Turkish / Greek funk sourced beat tape, sliced and diced for your listening pleasure

Songs for the milkman to whistle

Yeah, it rained alot in Leeds this summer. But it was still summertime. And so here is a lil' soundtrack for y'all. Loads of real songs, with vocals and words too. Real songs, with lyrics and everything.


Hardy inna de dancehall - 3

I guess I was just born to dj this stuff. Racing thru 47 (count 'em) ragga, bashment and dancehall tracks from 2006 / 07. Plenty of elephant man, busy signal, mr vegas and aidonia amongst others. Major riddims represented are theNookie, Dem time deh, Stage show, Buh buh lups (I aint even make this up), Vagina, Old truck, Gully slime and the particularly babylon levelling extraordinary rendition, theBad Belly.This music keeps supplying the rhythm, sex, dumb choruses, comical homophobia, silly noises and humour lacking elsewhere in the often sterile contemporary musical moonscape. Or maybe that's just me. Take a chance.


The trout reunion mix

A 90Mb mix - pretty accessible yet still clarsy, like. Knocked up for a party in a bar. Drink music to dance to.

Back to de dancehall - 2

2006 dancehall megamix


Inna de dancehall - 1

late 2005 dancehall megamix